Tue 15/01/2013

Hi Adam, I most certainly have not forgotten about you.

Please accept this brief note as a testimonial of your superb service!!! As you know, my family is what is considered to be vulnerable. We shopped around looking for a service provider whom would be within our budget (budget being the key word).

We were amazed at how cost effective your service was and jumped t the opportunity. It was not just the cost that swayed us into wanting to use your company it was also the fantastic admin team, who kept us in the loop at all stages. We did after all wanted our furnishings removed swiftly, which is exactly what happened.

The removals men were amazing and packed our furnishings respectfully, thus securing no damage was incurred. They then demonstrated their abilities of then unpacking and placing our furniture into our new property (bearing in mind that ramps for disabled users were in place yet still manoeuvring through tighter more awkward places).

Thank you Adam and your team. We are most impressed with the service we received. It was professional and fell beautifully within our budget.

Kindest of Regards

Hazel Smyth